The Society of Nepalese Highly Skilled Professional, UK was conceptualised in late December 2008 and came into existence from February 2009 as a membership organisation having the following aims and objectives.


  1. Take leadership role in sharing useful information, knowledge and experience among the members of the Society and wider community.
  2. Promote socio-cultural activities with an ultimate view of social integration with the local wider British societies and to promote solidarity and peaceful social   relations of coexistence, collaboration and cohesion among the local      community groups
  3. Coordinate and collaborate with local statutory and voluntary organisations to implement activities for the betterment of the community people.
  4. Conduct educational, religious and cultural activities
  5. Promote activities that have a proven beneficial effect on health of the community people.
  6. Promote volunteering works
  7. Promote equality and diversity by the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of age, sex or sexual orientation.
  8. Raise funds from charitable events to support victims suffering form natural disaster